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Life lately, according to my iPhone.

Lately life consists of:

mini road trips ♥ a renewed inspiration to write ♥ family trip to the zoo

movie dates ♥ a puppy halloween costume


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Ponte Winery

One of my favorite “getaways” with out actually having to get away very far is to the Temecula wineries. It has become customary to make our first stop at Ponte Winery, where we line our stomachs with a bit of delectable bites before venturing on to multiple tasting rooms available throughout the county. This is one of my favorite pitstops with a gorgeous restaurant patio and misters for those hot, humid days. They have a great selection of light lunch options like the cheese plate you see above. Tastings in Temecula range from $12 – $20 for 5 to 6 tastings a person. Just remember, get a designated driver. If you cannot find one, there are many services available for hire. No one wants to end a great day on a bad note.


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Gourmet Ice Cream

Designer has hit a whole new level down in La Jolla, California. The newly opened Bardot Bars is a hand-made ice cream bar shop that claims to offer “Love on a Stick” from traditional to exotic flavors. Just like designer clothing, this ice cream shop has two collections: their Classic Collection and their Bardot Collection. The Classic Collection features flavors such as “Honey I’m Home,” a cookies and creme ice cream with authentic heavy cream and covered in 60% dark Belgium chocolate and “The French Kiss,” a toasted almond ice cream covered in 40% milk Belgium Chocolate. If your mouth hasn’t started watering yet, you should check out their Bardot Collection which features flavors such as “Inner Piece,” a raspberry ice cream with a layer of rich and creamy matcha green tea covered with raspberry coverture. For a complete view of their products, you can click here.

I have to say, this concept is a bit extreme but it seems to work. Their interior design is incredible and sets an edgy yet simplistic vibe that is great for adults wanting to indulge in a sweet getaway. They also use unique to-go packaging that can keep the ice cream cold for up to eight hours allowing you to take these unique treats home even if you live far away. I am not sure I would be a regular with prices around $5.40-$5.80 a bar. However, it is an awesome once-in-a-while, on special occasion spot. It’s a great scene for dates, for sure (take notes boys).


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Pride: San Diego

This past weekend San Diego celebrated pride downtown in the streets of Hillcrest. The parade, which occurred on Saturday morning, marked a great breakthrough for military members who were given a one time ruling by the Pentagon on July 19 that allowed them to wear full military uniform at the event as long as they still upheld dress standards. Crowds of people lined the streets for this parade. It was a bit lengthy I must admit (more than 2.5 hours of standing) but it never seems to disappoint. With an array of fabulous outfits and dress attire, people dancing in the streets leaping for free stuff and attempting not to get sunburned (I did), this was a great way to start off the weekend. And an epic place to people watch. Lets all admit, people watching is a great past time. Here are some of my favorites from the parade.

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Playing Dress Up

Every so often when I go home to San Diego a friend of mine and I explore a new part of home. We decided to do a little dress up like when we were little girls and take some photos. Who doesn’t like a little photo shoot every once in a while? You can see some past shoots here, here and here.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Kurth


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A Taste of Encinitas

Taste of Main Street, held in Encinitas, is an event I believe every city should have. This year 39 restaurants participated in the event with each providing a sample of food from their menu. What is better than strolling up and down a cute beach city street on a warm summer night while taste-testing samples of delicious food? Well, I can think of some things but this event was pretty superb. Clever enough, we split the samples between two people. I was pleasantly stuffed by the end of the night with my half samplings; I can’t imagine eating everything on my own.  Three hours of eating and a little walking seemed to even out in the end, no oompa lumpa feeling for me. Below are a couple restaurants that participated. For a full list, visit the website for the event here.

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Tribute to Those Protectors

{USS Midway Aircraft Carrier}

San Diego has a huge military presence throughout the county; every branch is represented. Down by the harbor you can get a full tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. They have flight simulators onboard for those who feel like they are up for the challenge. Right next to the Midway are a couple tributes to those who have risked their lives to serve our country. The “Unconditional Surrender” Statue, which stands 25 feet tall, was designed by artist J. Seward Johnson and modeled after the famous photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Time Square.  As you walk farther along the harbor, you can view “A National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military” by Eugene Daub & Steven Whyte. The sound bites that accompany the bronze figures capture the uplifting sentiment Bob Hope instilled in the soldiers as he performed throughout the world. An afternoon stroll down this path of tributes reminds me to appreciate all that the military do for the protection of my freedom.

{Unconditional Surrender: WWII Commemorative Statue}

{A National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military}

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