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Life lately, according to my iPhone.

Lately life consists of:

mini road trips ♥ a renewed inspiration to write ♥ family trip to the zoo

movie dates ♥ a puppy halloween costume


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Mental Buckets

Thoughts should be put into categories, sorted into buckets, or put into some sort of organization which would allow these banked thoughts to be accessed on command in a catalogued fashion rather than some sporadic occurrence caused by an object or phrase in your surrounding environment that reminded you of yet another off the wall topic. It would be a process similar to a library catalog in your brain or the search function on a computer’s hard drive. Are you following this thought process or is this just another spasmodic pinball thought? You would never have to phone a friend or ask a stranger the name of that random movie you can’t think of with the guy with the hair. The answer wouldn’t just be on the tip of your tongue;  it would just be there, neatly stored away in your bank of memory. Ok, enough of that.

Erratic phases is how I describe my life and my thought process. I have found that if I said everything that I thought out loud in its sequential order of thought; I would be deemed crazy. I started doing that at one point and some good friends politely suggested that I think about what I  was going to say before saying it. With that new recommendation, I started practicing their suggestion only to see them slightly disappointed at the lack of crazy things I once said. Ha ha, I got them there.

Aside from the short-lived practice of saying everything I thought, I started writing down everything I needed or wanted to complete. Once one goal was completed, it was cast aside and another extravagent one was devised to be fulfilled in the near future. The goal can be as simple as making it through the day without going completely crazy or finishing a long term assignment. The bulk of them were and usually are completed; however some straggled behind. When I cleaned my room, random lists would pop up everywhere; tasks for the day, tasks for the week, tasks for the next year. I have finally solidified all this list-writing into one stylish “Harry Potter look-alike” leather notebook. All I need is a feather pen to complete it.

This notebook now inadvertently records self progression. The completion of one task to another is all recorded by date. A couple pages are set aside at the beginning for my “Bucketlist” of things I want to complete in my life. None are crossed out yet, but I don’t plan on waiting much longer to start completing and adding new things to this list. I found my sanity in the recording of productivity. It may seems slightly crazy to you, but then again, aren’t we all a little insane?

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